Tube Fittings

Hydraulic bite type tube fittings - DIN2353/ISO8424:

  • Bite type tube fitting is a flareless metric fitting that consists of a body, a progressive ring/ferrule (sleeve) and a nut.
  • On assembly, two cutting edges of the ferrule/progressive ring bite into the outer surface of the tube ensuring the holding for high Tube pressure.
  • Bite type tube fittings and accessories are manufactured in accordance with DIN2353/ISO8434-1.

    Hydraulic bite-type tube fittings (DIN2353/ISO8424) are commonly used in fluid power systems for connecting tubes or hoses. These fittings provide a reliable and leak-free connection by using a biting action to grip the tube.

Tube Fittings

Brief overview:

Design: Hydraulic bite-type fittings typically consist of a body, a nut, a ferrule (also known as a progressive ring/cutting ring/sleeve or collar), and sometimes an elastomeric seal. The body contains a tapered surface or a series of sharp serrations that grip the tube when the nut is tightened.

Assembly: To assemble a bite-type fitting, the nut and ferrule are slid onto the tube, and then the tube is inserted into the body of the fitting. As the nut is tightened onto the body, it compresses the ferrule around the tube, causing it to bite into the tube surface and create a secure seal.

Materials: These fittings are often made from materials such as steel (MS/CS), stainless steel (SS304/SS316), or brass, depending on the application requirements. The choice of material depends on factors such as the operating pressure, temperature, and compatibility with the fluid being conveyed.

Size & Configurations: Hydraulic bite-type fittings are available in a range of sizes (For Ex: 06mm to 42mm) and configurations to accommodate different tube diameters and connection requirements. They may also be available with different end connections, such as NPT, BSPP, or SAE threads, to suit specific system designs.

Applications: These fittings are commonly used in various industries, including hydraulic systems in construction equipment, agricultural machinery, industrial machinery, and automotive applications.

Advantages: Hydraulic bite-type fittings offer several advantages, including

  • High pressure capability: They can withstand high-pressure hydraulic systems.
  • Vibration resistance: The biting action provides a secure connection that is less susceptible to loosening due to vibration.
  • Easy installation: They can be quickly and easily assembled with basic tools, making them suitable for on-site installations.
  • Reusability: In many cases, the fittings can be disassembled and reused, which can be cost-effective over the long term.

Overall, hydraulic bite-type tube fittings are a popular choice for hydraulic systems due to their reliability, durability, and ease of installation