Quality & Testing Equipment

Coordinate Measuring Machine

Precision Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) for in-house inspection / scanning Supported by

LK CAMIO STUDIO Measurement Application Software Suite

LK Ceramic Bridge, Ceramic Spindle, 3D CNC
Coordinate Measuring Machine

Model Integra 10.7.6 incorporating LK2000 CNC Controller


  • Measuring capacityX-axis1016 (mm); Y-axis 711 (mm); Z-axis 610(mm)
  • Measuring Accuracy Linea r = 1.75+L/300 (L is the Measured Length in mm)
  • Measuring Accuracy Volumetric = 2.00+L/250 (L is the Measured Length in mm)
  • Repeatability=1.75microns
  • Resolution of read out system=0.0005 (mm)
  • PH10M Renishaw Motorised Probe Head Kit with Auto-Joint Probe Mounting
  • TP200 Renishaw Basic Probe & Stylus Kit

LK CAMIO STUDIO Measurement Application Software Suite


  • CAMIO STUDIO Software Package (incl. IGES import)
  • CAMIO STUDIO Advanced Programming Tools Package
  • CAMIO VDA file import Module
  • CAMIO Touch Trigger Probe Scanning Software Package
  • CAMIO Graphical Reporting & Analysis Application Software Package
  • CAMIO Digigraph Profile Reporting & Airfoil Blade Analysis Application Software Package
  • CAMIO Launch Pad Designer Operator Software Package
  • CAMIO Free form Digitising/Scanning (FFD) and Reverse Engineering Application Software Package

Profile Projector

Optomech Profile Projector, Model 400H


  • Screen Dia 400mm with Crosswire Work table 475mm x 125mm
  • Work Table Swivel 15 Degrees Measuring Traverse X-Axis 200 mm x Y-Axis 100 mm
  • Magnification/Projection Lens 10X Magnification Accuracy Contour/Profile Illumination ± 0.10% Surface Illumination ± 0.15% Scale Resolution 0.001mm (Electronica make)
  • Rotary Protractor Resolution 2 Minutes of arc Focus Travel 75mm
  • Green Filter, Profile Illumination, Surface Illumination Digital Read-Out (DRO)
  • System Smart 2003 (Electronica make)
  • Work Piece Capacity 300mm Between Centers 150mm Diameter
  • Work Piece Load 20Kg Illumination Source 24V 150W Tungsten Halogen Lamp.